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Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup Day:  You can see your normal pickup day by logging on to your account.

Holidays:  We are generally closed on holidays when the landfill is closed.  You will still be serviced during the holiday weeks; however, your normal service day will most likely be changed.  Usually we run about a day behind.  Usually we’re closed New Year Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Deposits:  We collect one month’s service in advance for a deposit.  The deposit is refundable after 12 months of service provided your account is in good standing; however, most customers apply it to their last month’s service when service is terminated.

Bank Draft and Credit/Debit Card:  Click here to go to the web portal.

Invoices/Postcard:  You may receive a monthly invoice which arrives on a yellow postcard.  You can also receive your invoice via email through our web portal. You can also call in a payment, bring it by our office, and we have a night drop box.  We ask that you do not leave cash in the drop box.

Dumpster location:  We try to set the dumpster where it works for you and works for us.  Our trucks are large and do not make tight turns, back into traffic, etc.  We can accommodate some circumstances; however, there is an additional $10/month fee.  

Locks: You may provide your own lock on the dumpster such as a chain; however, it must be unlocked on your day of service. We can provide a locking mechanism for a monthly charge of $10. You will need to provide your own lock. This bar is to remain in the locked position when servicing the dumpster. Gravity releases the lock and allows the trash to fall into the truck.

Permitted Items:  paper, plastics, yard trimmings, food waste, wood or tree limbs cut to 2-foot lengths.  All items must fit inside the dumpster and should not protrude out the top.  Trash may be bagged or unbagged.  Bagged trash prevents wind from unnecessary litter in your neighborhood.  Care should be taken to avoid wedging things such as tumbleweeds, tree limbs, or cardboard boxes in the dumpster in such a way that it will not fall out when the dumpster is emptied.

Disallowed Items:  Roofing material, construction material, concrete, rocks, gravel, dirt, batteries, metal, hazardous chemicals, tires, oil, grease, excessive pallets.  Items that are too large for the dumpster should be disposed of in some other appropriate way.  The landfill is open to the public, and there are individuals that will haul away, furniture, appliances, etc.

Delinquent Accounts:  We will continue service for a month and a half after the payment due date.  If payment is not received your dumpster will not be serviced until payment is made.  Payment must be received 48 hours before your service day to ensure pickup.  Provided payment remains outstanding your account will be cancelled and we will pick up the dumpster.  Finance charges apply for past due accounts.

Roll Off:  The truck will need about 60 feet of space to approach and 23 feet of vertical clearance to raise and place the bin.

An overloaded dumpster is a safety hazard, so make sure all of your materials are inside, or you'll be charged a Haul Fee and the container will NOT be emptied.

Other:  Keep lids closed at all times.  This helps contain trash in the dumpster, keeps animals out, and keeps the trash dry in case of rain.

Do not park in front of the dumpster or obstruct the area required for our truck to service to pull up along side of it for servicing.  

No one should be allowed to play, climb on, into, or around dumpsters.

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